Development timeline

Important milestones and updates related to the project.

September 2020

  • Litepaper was created
  • Launch of bonding curve at DEUS Swap
  • Launch of Static Sale at DEUS Swap

October 2020

  • Sands of Time Vaults announced
  • DEA distribution begins - launch of staking

November 2020

  • Roadmap updated
  • First audit conducted by Defi Yield
  • Zapper announcement
  • Community voted against DEA becoming a stablecoin

December 2020

  • Launch of DEUS Synthetic Coinbase IOU token wCOINBASE-IOU
  • Roadmap updated

January 2021

  1. sTokens Contract
  2. Staking contracts
  3. Vaults contracts
  • Launched S&P500 and top 100 crypto's on Rinkeby testnet
  • Balancer Arb bot completed to allow stakers to exit their locked positions without experiencing much slippage
  • Transfer fees activated to reward liquidity providers
  • DEA inflation stopped

February 2021

  • Onboard of new developers to assist in the completion of layer 2 solutions.
  • Launched Phase 1 of trading on Synchronizer with 5 Synthetics: Gamestop (GME), Tesla (TSLA), AMC, Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG)
  • Added Swaggy Stocks Index to Synchronizer: 10% AMC, 10% GME, 10% NOK, 10% BB, 10% APPL, 10% TSLA, 10% SLV, iShares Silver Trust. 10% PLTR, Palantir Technologies Inc. 10% SNDL, Sundial Growers Inc. 10% SPCE, Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc.