The Vision

DEUS started out originally as a tool to manage asset baskets for a community-led crypto investment pool. This turned into the vision of DEUS as a DAO-governed, decentralized platform that allows investments into any kinds of assets.

Like many other blockchain projects, DEUS is partly a start-up and partly a sophisticated economic experiment, with the potential to revolutionize the way people invest.

We aspire to bridge the crypto-economy and the traditional markets with a decentralized platform. DEUS will make investing easier and more accessible to everyone by enabling transparent investments that require minimal trust. We will also cut out the middlemen, such as stock brokers and their mandatory KYC and AML.

Our platform itself is NOT a broker. We merely bootstrap the well-established trust of the stock market to bootstrap a new innovative way of creating and trading derivatives in a decentralized way.

DEUS is envisioned as introducing stable, low volatility assets to a world of high volatility that we are used to seeing in cryptocurrencies. We don’t want to create a platform where you can trade for 30x gains in one week.

Currently, the system is being built on the Ethereum blockchain, but set to become chain-agnostic as we develop it. The choice of assets to invest in will also continuously grow.

In the future, anyone will be able to trade almost any verifiable financial instrument on the blockchain, without barriers to entry. Stocks, indices, and ETFs will be traded with the full transparency and anonymity of cryptocurrencies. Imagine a DEX where you can trade TSLA. That is what DEUS aims to become.