DEUS Ecosystem rewards liquidity providers by allowing users to stake their sealed tokens (sTokens) or Balancer pool tokens (BPT). If you decide to stake your tokens, you will collect rewards from an arbitrage bot in the Balancer pools, as well as trading fees and losses of traders. All staking rewards are currently paid out in DEA.

What are the main differences between Single and Balancer pools?

Single pool (sDEUS, sDEA, Time token):

  • No risks of impermanent loss but lesser rewards
  • As simple as taking sTokens or Time tokens and pressing "Stake Here"

Balancer pool:

  • Potential risk of impermanent loss but greater rewards
  • More gas fees to enter the pool
  • User has to provide multiple assets for the least slippage or enter through single asset with slippage

Joining multi-asset Balancer pool

Joining single asset Balancer pool


How often do I get rewarded for staking and how often can I collect those rewards?

Users receive rewards every 15 seconds and may collect at any time.

Are rewards constant APY?

No, rewards may vary and APY's can change at any time, depending on a variety of factors such as: amount of users in pool, daily trading volume and trader losses.

Are there any fees associated with collecting rewards?

There are no fees for collecting rewards imposed by the DEUS ecosystem, but there are gas fees charged by the Ethereum ecosystem and these vary by network congestion.

Should I stake?

Staking is not necessary, but it is highly recommended as it's the only way to collect rewards from the ecosystem.

Can I unstake anytime?

Yes, users may unstake at any time without any penalties or fees, other than Ethereum transaction gas fees.

I was previously staking in the old pools before vaults, did I lose my tokens or rewards?

No, users may collect tokens and rewards from the old pools HERE.#

I saw there was a percentge of my Claim going to the DEUS DAO?

Yes this is the DAO Development Contribution, that was implemented into the Staking Contracts from launch to support the Development, we also changed it from being directly claimable on the Contract to being send in the TX. Currently those rewards are flowing Back into the contracts until we enabled the tradingFees + transferFees.

From the DEUS DAO with <3