• Road to L2-Mainnet: Add the S&P 500 data feed from to the Conductor. We plan to have around 500ยฒ different possible asset combinations on DEUS Swap. Additionally, the top 100 crypto assets will also be added. So, users will be able to long BTC and short bank stocks :-)
  • Complete layer 2 solution to resolve the ever increasing issue of Gas costs by implementing fee free trading
  • Further decentralise Oracles

After launch in no particular order:

  • Create balancer pool Zapper
  • Create layer two bridges to other blockchains
  • Develop other layer 2 functions such as limit orders, stop losses etc.
  • Develop leverage trading
  • Add assets from stock exchanges all over the world
  • Develop the Vault exit system
  • Acquiring further security audits by respected brands. All contracts used will be audited.

Decentralise the world:

  • Research further DAPPS e.g. credit checks, loans