Synchronizer Capacity

The DEUS Synchronizer is currently still in the Trial Phase.

We removed the Time restrictions, but we are still over collateralized Currently expressed at a 1300% over collateral rate.
The System will be observed & monitored, and after 4 weeks, the capacity increases.
And then again reviewed and increased.


For every 100 Dollar in the Vaults
7.692 Dollar can be traded in the Synchronizer,
creating the "Synchronizer Capacity."

The over collateral rate will lower over time.

  1. Crypto Positions are counted 4x
  2. Stock Positions are counted 2x
  3. Forex Positions are counted 1x

The first trial phase will be going for 4 weeks.

Buying uses capacity. Selling frees up capacity again.

Look into the future

Until the policy will evolve into the "Funding System" over the course of the next months. The funding system will make the capacity more free-flowing as it adjusts itself every hour to the current ratio of Longs / Shorts.

The documentation on this is currently written and peer-reviewed.