DEUS DAO Governance


User Governance
DEUS DAO Council


DEUS DAO has been envisioned as a community-run, DAO-governed project from the get-go.
The creation of the DEUS DAO, was even prior to the creation of the initial Website.

Users vote with their TIME (obtained by locking DEUS or DEA into Sand of Time Vaults) on everything concerning the DEUS Finance project through the DEUS Snapshot Governance Page, with a users voting power being proportional to their TIME holdings.

Governance Example: choosing Lists of Stocks to be added to the Synchronizer

Users can propose Lists of stocks on the Governance Page that they wish to see added to the Synchronizer and use their voting power to drive the decisions made by DEUS Finance.

Users also create DEUS mirrored Assets, that have been listed through votes, themselves.
The DEUS mirrored assets, called Registrars, are then tradeable for everyone on the DEUS Sychronizer.
For example, if a user wants the Top 500 stocks from the S&P 500 to be tradeable on DEUS, he or she can submit a proposal to the community to add the List of the SP500 to the Synchronizer.
The community of users then vote with their TIME tokens on whether they want these stocks included as Registrars in the DEUS Synchronizer, or not.

Control to all DEUS related smart contracts,
are held by the DEUS DAO Council.

Users can vote to remove or add Council Members that they wish to be included in the DEUS DAO Council.


All efforts and profits are generated by the users and for the users themselves. Nothing in DEUS Finance is held by, or created by, the company. It is only the users who hold their DEA, TIME or DEUS tokens that can influence the direction and results of the project.