What is your roadmap?

The roadmap is periodically updated to reflect new challenges and priorities we face, the most current one is provided here.

Who are the team members?

DEUS is a team-led effort, spanning multiple work groups with people from all parts of the world. We have an entire section for you to find out more.

Have any security audits been done?

Security is always the first thing on our minds. Our first external audit, conducted by Solidity.finance found no security issues in our contracts.

You have no KYC or AML, can the SEC shut you down?

According to the Howey Test, an investment contract has to meet 4 criteria, one of which is it has to be “resulting from the sole efforts of a third party”. There is no single entity behind DEUS. It can potentially be used by anyone and is governed by multiple individuals.

No real “shutting down” is feasible either. Once the contracts are up and running, taking them down means taking down each and every node running the dApp.

What are the Vaults?

The Vaults are an interface for liquidity providers, through which they can lock their tokens in exchange for rewards.

“When moon?” / ”When lambo?”

DEUS is designed for stable incremental growth. That’s the reason we use the bonding curve and test our models thoroughly. We believe that steady growth outmatches any short term pump. And after all, maybe the real lambo is the friends we made along the way.

How do I buy DEUS?/How do I lock my tokens in the Vaults?

We have gathered all frequent questions related to using the system in a separate section.

Aren’t FTX doing stonks on crypto already?

Projects like FTX, Etoro, Robinhood or any other centralized broker entities are totally different. In fact, they have been around for years if not decades; there is nothing innovative about them. They don’t have anything in common with the decentralized versions DEUS or SNX are representing.

The closest project to DEUS.finance is cap.finance. From what is currently known about the project their mirrored asset tokens are not moveable on-chain. Other significant differences remain to be seen.

What is the maximum supply?

There is no maximum supply. DEUS continuously mints and burns tokens. Read more about the bonding curve here.