DEA token (Share)

DEA can be seen as a Share of the Ecosystem, needed to earn Fees.

There will be more and more unique usecases created in the future for DEA.

  • Fixed supply of 166,670 tokens as voted by the community.
  • Can be pooled to provide an exit gateway for Vault stakers and enables you to earn the maximum Fees inside the DEUS ecosystem.
  • Created with a liquidity mining event that ran from October 2020 until middle of January 2021, distributed 110,000 DEA to stakers.
  • Can be bought on Uniswap or DEUS Swap.

Why have two protocol tokens?

DEUS could not be pre-minted and thus could not be used for the liquidity mining event. Liquidity mining was meant to encourage users to engage with the DEUS protocol, by letting them farm pre-minted DEA until the launch of the stock trading platform by late January 2021.

DEA was initially conceived as a stablecoin, but this idea was vetoed by the community. Instead, DEA became a low supply coin that has unlimited upside and is the perfect complement to the low price sensitivity of the DEUS token.

A seigniorage stablecoin system will also be developed eventually, but with a different coin serving this role.

DEA is used to partially collateralize the protocol. It is also the primary source of fees earned by liquidity providers. In order to become liquidity providers users need DEA to enter the Balancer pools, around 70% of which are composed of DEA in some form. Those pools earn around 70% of all fees. In later stages other assets, like wBTC, will be added as collateral.