DEUS DAO (Contributors)

Core Team

Founder: Lafayette Tabor


Lead developer: Mahdi Heydari, also works at BrightID

Back-end: Hoseyn, Vahid

Frontend development & design: Tom and Mali

Development coordinator: Paslar

Publishing and community support

Marketing lead: Alex

Virtual assistant: Hamza Hussein

Writer/proofreader: Nazar

Community ambassadors: PennPeul, Tomek, Patrick, DrVllmr

The Council

Currently consists of 24 members. Among them:

Economics expert: Adriano M.

Stock-market advisor: Crypto Zen

General market advisor: Conductor

Coin lord: coinlordd (shoutout for setting up the backend for this wiki!)

Testers: Airdroppered, Phoenixrusse, Markus & helpful community members.

Social media advisors: Thad

DEUS is an open protocol, anyone who thinks he has something meaningful to share or contribute can contact us anytime, and maybe one day your name also is added to that list.