Welcome to DEUS

What is DEUS?

DEUS finance is a DeFi protocol that enables users to use its oracles to input any data and tokenize it, allowing any user to trade it on the blockchain. Its an easy system that allows listing of every asset on the planet; regardless if a person, the SEC or company wants it or not.

How does DEUS work?

Deus allows users to create dAssets, virtual copies of assets or baskets of assets, pegged 1:1 to their real-world equivalents. Each dAsset is represented with its own ERC-20 token. It is as simple as going to the Conductor and choosing a price feed for the asset they wish to tokenize. Our oracles then provide live and infinite prices on demand. These prices are specific to you at time requested allowing traders to not be frontrun. Traders invest in dAssets through a platform called DEUS Swap, our decentralized exchange.


As a Trader

  • Little to no Slippage
  • No frontrunning
  • Users can trade without providing collateral
  • No KYC
  • Assets moveable as ERC-20 Tokens
  • AMM

As a Liquidity Provider

  • Losses and fees from Traders
  • Earlier access to certain IPO's or stocks
  • Governance/voting power in the DAO
  • More liquidity means more trading, which grows ecosystem benefitting the price of DEUS and DEA.

Why two tokens?

DEUS โ€“ DEUS โ€“ Store of value and backed by ETH, a share in the Ecosystem. Benefits from buybacks of the route:
Trading Profits flow into > DEUS and then into > DEA.
DEUS has a limited downside, at 0.0017 ETH but also limited upside.

1000 ETH buy only move the price for 10%.

Token Contract:


DEA โ€“ A liquidity pair in all farming pools, needed for max returns on trading fees. Low supply, high demand (higher volatility).

Token Contract:


Where to buy?

We do not advise users to buy from Uniswap. High slippage may occur and trading on Uniswap will not affect the bonding curve of the DEUS Swap Market Maker. Instead, we encourage you to buy DEUS directly through DEUS Swap to empower and support the DEUS ecosystem.

If you'd still rather purchase on Uniswap, you're obviously free to do so, but please watch out for FAKE-clone-tokens. Always make sure you are buying the token by checking the contract address.